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#ABVNetworkCrew Club Membership

#ABVNetworkCrew Club Membership

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Join the #ABVNetworkCrew Club and you will get invitations to behind the scenes bourbon events, cost savings at distilleries, bars/restaurants and businesses catering to bourbon clientele and chances to participate in barrel picks. Your membership runs through 6/30/2021.
Membership – 16 Months (March 2020 – June 2021)

Must be 21 years old to join.



  • Unique Behind the Scenes Events (Kentucky, St. Louis & Other Markets): Things that go above and beyond the realm what a normal bourbon fan experiences in our core club regions and beyond. We plan on having a quarterly big event, and smaller “pop-up” events that aren’t heavily promoted every month.

  • Free or Deeply Discounted Events: Our goal is to offer free events/experiences whenever possible. When a charge must be incurred, we work hard to make sure you pay the lowest price possible.

  • Save Money: Discounts at distilleries, “bourbon friendly” businesses and sponsors of the ABV Network.

  • Membership Has Status: The #ABVNetworkCrew Club card allows you to show your membership status and receive recognition within the bourbon industry for your affiliation with the ABV Network.

  • Page on the ABV Network Website: Lists events as well as discounts.

  • Bourbon Education: Starting in the fourth quarter of 2019 we will begin offering bourbon education classes with people from the bourbon industry. There is no cost for these events that will be held via Skype, but we have a classroom limit of 15 so we will draw participants at random from the pool of people expressing interest in attending.

  • The Future: The future of what we are offering with the #ABVNetworkCrew is limited only by our lack of creativity. Our goal is to continuously challenge ourselves to expand what we are doing and offer our members more benefits. Obvious next steps include barrel picks for the group as well as expanded city options based on members willing to step up and host events outside of Kentucky, and owner Steve Akley’s homebase of St. Louis.

  • Cost:

    $48/year with July 1 of the next year being the renewal date for all Club members. You will get a membership card in the mail that can be used at partners’ businesses for deals. Note that we discount $4 off per month and sell less than one year memberships August – December. From January – June we sell memberships for the balance of that year, plus the next full year. This keeps everyone with a renewal date of July 1.

    Ambassadors Wanted:

    The way we will grow the club beyond our three markets is by having an engaged membership group. We believe the best way to do that is to look within the group itself for expansion opportunities. If you would like to get involved and serve as a host of events in. your market, we can help. Our team can assist in focusing on distilleries, bars/restaurants and businesses that cater to bourbon fans in your backyard to help you grow interest in the #ABVNetworkCrew Club in your market. If you are interested in becoming involved as a Market Ambassador, please fill out the “Questions” form to the right on the Club page (