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Small Brand America

Small Brand America

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Changing buying habits in the grocery business is extremely difficult. Consumers tend to be loyal to the brands they have always bought, often simply because they have always bought them. These well known “megabrands” are able to continue their dominance, not only because consumers are loyal, but they have also helped in establishing the manner in which a product is brought to market. These “rules of engagement,” while a great expense for the large brands, really help them in shutting out competition before they even begin. Startup companies face such challenges as: the need to spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions, on advertising, product placement in the stores and even “slotting fees” to get into the warehouses supplying the stores.

Small Brand America tells the stories of tiny companies, and the individuals behind them, competing in the grocery industry. Despite the odds stacked against them, companies like the ones featured in Small Brand America take on the megabrands and try to go beyond simply carving a niche in the market; they are attempting to break the stranglehold the larger companies have on the stores and buying consumers to become a household name in their own right.

The book walks you through the stories of companies and individuals that have figured a way to establish success via hard work, creativity and perhaps a little luck. The end result is the fascinating, and often surprising, stories of these unique companies.

The following companies are profiled in Small Brand America:

3 Monkeys Mustard –

Alaskan Brewing Company –

Anderson’s Maple Syrup –

Atlanta Honey Company –

Berkshire Cheese –

Bove’s Pasta Sauce –

Brother Bru-Bru’s –

CBS Foods, Inc. –

Des Moines Bacon Company –

Dogtown Pizza –

Great Lakes Distillery –

Hillcrest Ranch Sunol –

Hudson Henry Baking Company –

Idaho Candy Company –

Jackson Hole Soda Company –

Jimmy’s Salad Dressing –

Jones Potato Chip Company –

Mercer’s Dairy –

Metropolis Coffee –

Mr. G’s Hawaii-Style Teriyaki –

The Nashville Jam Company –

Portlandia Foods (Portland Ketchup) –

Sticky Toffee Pudding Company –

Umpqua Oats –

Verve, Inc. (Glee Gum) –